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Kinks - War is Over - текст песни, видео

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Kinks - War is Over - текст песни, видео

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Old soldiers talk about the battles fought

To build a better world for me and you.

They sacrificed their lives to make a dream come true.

Now theyre forgotten men remembered by so few.

But the war is over and the fighting ended many years ago.

The war is over. the battles won but what is there to show? 

Side by side they marched together fighting so their children

Could be free,

To build a better world, a new society

All classes unified to live in harmony

Now the war is over so lets forget and leave the past alone.

The war is over, its time for all the soldiers to go home.

Rich men, poor men make history,

Fighting for the land of hope and glory

A nations voice will sing as one,

A battle cry until weve won

The was is over and the patriotic comrades are no more.

The war is over

Now theyre going home to live just like before.

Arm in arm we sang our patriotic songs of love and sentiment.

Tears of joy to hide the sorrow,

New tomorrows till we meet again,

With a new world to build well say auf weidersein.

What did they do for us? 

What did it prove to us? 

As we stand beside the silent grave

The unknown soldier cant be saved.

The war is over

The war is over, its time for all the soldiers to go home.

The war is over.
Добавлено: 01.09.2013
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