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Kinks - Summer's Gone - текст песни, видео

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Kinks - Summer's Gone - текст песни, видео

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Looking in a window on a rainy day. 
Thinking about good things that I just threw away. 
Looking in the gutter, watching the trash go flowing by. 
Thinking it's Summer, but there are only clouds in the sky. 

When I think about what we wasted, makes me sad, 
We never appreciated what we had. 
Now I'm standing in a doorway with my overcoat on, 
It really feels like Summer's gone. 
So alone. 
Summer's gone. 

It should have been a laugh, it should have been fun, 
When I think of all the things that we did last Summer. 
Now I look back, it seems such a crime, 
We couldn't appreciate it at the time. 

Now I'm standing in a doorway, thinking of Summers gone by. 
It ought to make me happy, but it just makes me want to cry. 
I was riding in the car with my mum and dad, 
He was drivin' the car, the kids were drivin' him mad. 
Dad looked at us, then he looked at his wife, 
He must have wondered where we all came from. 
And then mum said, "Dad, you know it won't last for long, 
Before you know it, Summer's gone." 
So alone. 
Summer's gone. 

I really blew it all, when I think it through, 
I really lost it all when I lost you. 
Now I'm standing in a doorway with water in my shoes, 
It really feels like, feels like Summers gone. 
So alone. 
Summer's gone. 
Summer's gone, so alone. 
Summer's gone.
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