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Kinks - Scum of The Earth - текст песни, видео

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Kinks - Scum of The Earth - текст песни, видео

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Sung by flash, spivs & floosies.

Flash: they call me the scum of the earth.

They say Im the scab of the nation.

But deep inside Im only human.

Just an ordinary man.

With ordinary plans.

They say Im crooked and bent,

They call me a rogue and a villain,

But if they could see deep inside me

Theyd see a heart that once was pure

Before it touched the evils of this world,

For if I cut myself I bleed

And if I catch a cold I sneeze.

Have I not eyes to help me see? 

Have I not lungs to help me breathe? 

Have I not hands, organs, senses

And affections just like you? 

Stop the music.

Well aint I human

Like everybody else? 

Before you condemn me my friends,

I suggest that you look deep inside you

For good and evil

Exist in all of us,

And no man is a saint

And each creates his heaven and his hell.

Chorus: we know that hes only a man.

Hes got feelings and faults

Just like everyone else.

Flash: so dont put me down because Ive done well,

For even wide boys, hoods and spivs

Have got the right to live.

Chorus: we know were the scum of the earth,

We know were the scab of the nation,

But were your enemies and your brothers

And no man is a saint

And deep down were all the same as one another.
Добавлено: 26.11.2013
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