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Kinks - Ordinary People - текст песни, видео

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Kinks - Ordinary People - текст песни, видео

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I am the image maker. I am the magic

Maker. I can turn the most ordinary

Man in the world into a star. to prove

My point I am going to find the most

Mundane little man and turn him into

Celebrity. hmm! this looks like a

Suitably uninteresting house. I wonder

If theres anybody here with enough

Star quality? 

He presses the doorbell.


Hello. whats your name? 




Oh, thats a nice name. whats your

Husbands name? 




His names norman. that sounds

Ordinary enough. I would like you to

Join in a unique experiment with me.

I am going to take normans place for

A few days. I m going to research his

Ordinary dull little existence.


Oh you cant come in now! the place

Is in a terrible mess!


That doesnt matter. I want you to act

Normally. I want you to treat me as if i

Were norman. I am going to sacrifice

My normal flamboyant life style and

Become ordinary, boring little norman

For a few days.

Ordinary people

Its like another world, being here with you,

Its quite a trip for me, so this is reality.

Im studying every movement, Im trying to learn the part,

Now I want you to be natural, just relax and be as you are,

cos its all for art, I want to observe the ordinary people

Tomorrow I shall become norman,

I shall go to his office,

Mix with his workmates.

And if they ask any questions

I shall say Im doing research for one of my songs.

Nomand and I are changing places

And Im going to make him a star,

So Im throwing away my stage suit and Im packing away my guitar,

For the sake of art Im gonna mix with the ordinary people.


God these pyjamas are awful!


Awful? well all I can say is my norman wears them every night.


Alright, no sacrifice is too great for art!

The things Ive done for music,

The things Ive done for art.

So Ill make these sacrifices and Ill take it like a star

For the sake of art I will mix with the ordinary people.


Youd better come to bed darling.


Coming! youll never get up for work in the morning.

Im making observations, and character simulations.

Ill mix with his friends and relations,

And hell be a part of me.


Hes changing places with norman,

To get background for his songs.

Im immortalising his life

And Ill even sleep with his wife,

For the sake of art Ill go to bed like the ordinary people.

Turn out the light.

Turn out the light.

The star exchanges his silver stage

Suit for normans pin stripe suit,

Umbrella and briefcase. he forsakes

His customary brandy and cigars and

Settles for a cup of hot chocolate before

Going to bed.
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