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Kinks - My Diary - текст песни, видео

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Kinks - My Diary - текст песни, видео

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I looked in my diary, no spaces today,

A life so eventful, stacked with appointments too important to break,

Lunch at the bistro, tea at the savoy cafe,

No time to contemplate the isolation,

No second can be wasted, no space to think because,

My diary is full but my life is empty.

Oh yes, my diary is full but my life is empty.

Its all so contemporary, the sheer pretension of it,

Its all so temporary, but all so shallow really,

Let me look, I might be able to squeeze you in between,

No, my diary is so full I couldnt possibly meet you today,

This evening is blocked out with potential investors in my lonely one-man play,

Perhaps next week maybe when there are fewer functions to attend,

So for now Ill pencil you in,

Between the visit to my doctor, my appointment at the bank,

This time its really crucial, thats why its written in red,

My diary is my life and my life is standing on my head,

Oh my diary is full but my life is empty,

Oh yes my diary is full but my life...

I look at your picture on my bedroom wall,

Im trying to forget you, thats why my diary is so full,

Chock-a-block with engagements but its only for show,

cause Im all dressed up with nowhere to go,

To stop my isolation, keep myself occupied,

My diary is my one salvation,

Names, dates, numbers, but inside I long to cancel all those entries,

My diary is full but my lifes empty,

My diary is full but my life is empty.
Добавлено: 23.01.2014
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