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Kings Kaleidoscope - Glorious - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kings Kaleidoscope - Glorious - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kings Kaleidoscope
TIP: Transpose the chords by 1 step (that down button on the left) and then Capo 1. Makes it WAY easier to play xD

Verse 1:

You came in a minute

     Ab          Db   Ab 
You took me by surprise

       F#                        Ab               Db  F#
With a love like summer air on a moonlit mountain side

When my mind was a prison

                        Ab  F#
You gave me the keys to life


I cannot stop exclaiming

I cannot stop proclaiming


B         Db 
You are glorious

Ebm            Db  B         
Holy Jehovah Divine

B         Db 
You are beautiful

Ebm       Db       B 
King of Creation arise

B         Db      Ebm         Db     F#
Hear the earth sing an orchestra of life

Db          Ebm
You are my delight

Verse 2:
You came in a minute
You took me by surprise
With a peace like winter snow falling softly through the sky
And now I am living confident in Christ

Break: B     F#     Ebm

       B     Db     Ebm


F#                      Abm
In rocks and skies and trees

F#                  Dbm
Your beauty revives me

You lift the waking burden from my shoulders

F#                 Abm
Your glory is all around

F#                    Dbm
I'm caught up in the sound

F#                 B                           
Creation bows and sings, "All praise to the King!"
Добавлено: 25.08.2014
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