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King Shaolin - Fancy Caller - таба, видео

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King Shaolin - Fancy Caller - таба, видео

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Fancy Caller

Verse: [ch]D[/ch], [ch]G[/ch]
Ref: [ch]D[/ch], [ch]G[/ch]
Bridge: [ch]G[/ch], [ch]A[/ch], [ch]D[/ch], Hmi

Verse 1:
In my heart you'll see
Sometime i tis so free
Day belong to me
And cry for my desteny
Baby baby just need you most
Baby baby I'll drive you home

Don't want your alcohol cos' you wanna be my Fancy Caller
I don't know what you're do and you just wanna send me throught and
You wanna be lady, So everybody wanna be Fancy
And you gotta be this way

Verse 2:
There is a time I will make up
And you mede no calls
So I try to get closer and faked up
You're own

Take care about our home, Take care about our the sea
Take care about the moment we need to feel
Take care about the dreams, Take care about the people
Take care about the women and the most of the fatefull
Добавлено: 01.04.2012
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