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Kimya Dawson - Tire Swing - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Kimya Dawson - Tire Swing - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Tire Swing
Kimya Dawson
TABBED BY:  Yangbin Wu

Artist: Kimya Dawson
Album: Juno OTS
Song: Tire Swing

F: x3321x
C: x3201x
C7: x3231x

I just my index finge to mute the 6th string, and my thumb to mute the 1st string. Also, 
is sort of a transitional chord, so its played once (downstrum) then immediately switch 

F                   C         C7/F
I took the Polaroid down in my room
F                   C
I'm pretty sure you have a new girlfriend
F                C         C7/F
it's not as if I don't like you
F                    C
it just makes me sad whenever I see it
F                        C          C7/F
'cause I like to be gone most of the time
F                       C
and you like to be home most of the time
F                     C           C7/F
if I stay in one place I lose my mind
F                      C
I'm a pretty impossible lady to be with

F                         C             C7/F
Joey never met a bike that he didn't wanna ride
F                      C
and I never met a Toby that I didn't like
F                            C             C7/F
Scotty liked all of the books that I recommended
F                   C
even if he didn't I wouldn't be offended

I had a dream that had to drive to Madison
to deliver a painting for some silly reason
I took a wrong turn and ended up in Michigan
Paul Baribeau took me to the giant tire swing
gave me a push and he started singing
I sang along while I was swinging
the sound of our voices made us forget everything
that had ever hurt our feelings


now I'm home for less than twenty-four hours
that's hardly time to take a shower
hug my family and take your picture off the wall
check my email write a song and make a few phone calls
before it's time to leave again
I've got one hand on the steering wheel
one waving out the window
if I'm a spinster for the rest of my life
my arms will keep me warm on cold and lonely nights

Добавлено: 13.05.2012
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