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Kevin Max - Infinite - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kevin Max - Infinite - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kevin Max
Kevin Max (feat. R. Lampa)


D  Dsus - D      
Dsus - D
Ooh - ooh       
Dsus - D
Ooh - ooh       


Dsus    D                     Dsus                 
    Whatever you think is love
     D             Dsus
His love is in - finite
    D                      Dsus
Whatever you think is peace
His peace is infinite
Whatever you think is good
Whatever you think is right
    D                      A     G      D
Whatever you think He is, He is in - finite
Dsus - D
Ooh - ooh

Verse 1:

                           Dsus - D
I walk alone and I'm unafraid
                                   Dsus - D
'Cause You are with me 'til the grave
                          Dsus - D             
I am secure, and I'm unashamed
                             Dsus - D
'Cause my God will never fail
                     Dsus - D
All about me is my fear
                            Dsus - D
Mine enemies are pressing near
                                   Dsus - D
I know there'll be no doubting here
                          Dsus - D
'Cause Your love is infinite

[Repeat Chorus]

                          Dsus - D
All my people gather 'round
                            Dsus - D
The Holy Ghost is coming down
                                  Dsus - D
Just like an angel dressed in light
                                    Dsus - D
You're gonna need to shade your eyes
                                  Dsus - D
But don't you ever close your ears
                              Dsus - D
And don't you ever shed a tear
                               Dsus - D
Just open up your heart and mind
                           Dsus - D
'Cause His love is infinite

[Repeat Chorus]


I'm on my journey to the end of the road
I'm gonna meet you when it starts to fork
Don't wanna end up taking the wrong turn
            Dm   C#  C             Am   F
Don't wanna end up where my heart is  burned
You said You love me, and You know me well
When I stood tall and I tripped and fell
But now I'm Yours, and I stand refined
        Dm       C#   C         Am      G
Like a peace of gold from the mountain side

[Repeat Chorus x 2]

*These chords are from the bridge:

Dm: x5776x
C#: x4666x
 C: x3555x
Am: x02210
 F: 133211
 G: 320001
Добавлено: 05.08.2014
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