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Kevin Fowler - Not Lovin Anymore - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kevin Fowler - Not Lovin Anymore - аккорды и текст, видео

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Not Lovin Anymore
Kevin Fowler
Steps on geting laid:
1. Down few to many beers/shots of whatever it is you drink
2. Grab guitar
3. Find group of nice looking ladies
4. Gather up your best southern twang (if y'all ain't this could sound    really funny)
5. Perform this song
In all honesty though, there is nothing hard about this piece, great for beginners.Have fun with it.~Publius

Not Lovin' Anymore
Kevin Fowler


  D       G            A            Bm         A
   I feel sorry for the next girl in line, whoa
  D          G               A
   She ain't got a chance in hell
  D             G               A             Bm    A
   The last one taught me not to let my guard down
  D           G                 A                
   Yeah, I've learned my lesson well, I'm not lovin' anymore

 D  A

Verse 1

  D              G
   If I seem like a jaded man
  A                 D             A 
   I've been burned time and again 
           Bm             G
   By the flames of love, Lord above
   D                A
   Knows I try real hard
  D                  G
   Not sure that I'm through with love
  A            D         A
   One thing I am sure of
   Bm              G                A
   I don't want to feel this way again

   So I'll tell ya now


Verse 2

  D                G
   I'd be a fool to try again
  A                  D             A
   Love's a game you just can't win
       Bm           G
   So for a while I think that I'll
   D              A
   Sit out of the game
  D                 G
   All the hurt and pain I feel
       A                    D           A
   The wounds of love take time to heal 
       Bm                     G                    A
   So don't be a-thinkin that I'll be a-lovin' soon

   So I'll tell ya now

Добавлено: 29.02.2012
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