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Kevin Devine - Murphys Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kevin Devine - Murphys Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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Murphys Song
Kevin Devine
I tabbed this from a live recording (link at the bottom of the page) -- Kevin changes it 
every so often and adds little licks here and there, but this tab is an accurate 
for sure. Enjoy :) -Courtney


 C#7M   Ebm  Fm  F#maj  Bbm G#maj F#maj C#maj Fm* Bbm* D#maj

(note: Kevin uses a lot of bar chords that can be simplified; for the most part, any 
with an asterisk [*] after it is the simplified version, when he chooses to specifically 


C#7M  : 446564
Ebm: 668876
Fm: 8 8 10 10 9 8
F#maj: 9 9 11 11 11 9
Bbm: 688666
G#maj: 466544
F#maj*: 244322
C#maj: 446664
Fm*: 133111
Bbm*: 113321
D#maj: 668886

          C#7M              Ebm
A quieter boat, dog's dying day
             Fm            F#maj
A bone in a bowl, a watery grave
             Ebm                  C#7M     Bbm
See, I am a sailor, but I'm not so great
                   D#m     G#maj                F#maj*    C#maj
I keep fishin' for roadkill, passin' out on the waves

(repeat chords above)
A shimmering sea, stretched end to end
A shivering bowl, a flickering friend
See, that's Mr. Murphy, my leathery brave
He's whimpering "Taps" now, for his plank-walk parade

      Fm*         A#m              C#maj      G#maj          D#maj
I've never been a joiner, no, I've quit every team I've been on
        F#maj*        Bbm*               F#maj*         Bbm*
Now I'm crying in my coffee, that's not sea salt in my eyes
               F#maj*               A#m*            F#maj*  G#maj     C#maj
Cause me and Murphy, we have been through it, and I hate watching him die

(whistling) (repeat the pattern in the verse)

So I wait for my wisdom, like I wait for my wife
Like I wait for a story, helps me wait out the night
Like when I was an archer, but I couldn't shoot straight
I broke all of ma's windows, I poked holes through her drapes

And I laugh to myself, but I can't tell you why
The hung-over sun sneaks back in the sky
But Murphy went peaceful, he went decent and right
At least better than I will, when it's my turn to die

And I wear his collar on my wrist and I bury him down at the beach
No crying, no coffin, just a body in a hole
No praying, no singing, no saving any souls
The only thing I'm saving, yeah
Is a bone... inside... a bowl

(Note: at the end of the outro, Kevin plays F#maj to F#m before ending on C#maj.)

Tab taken from the following video:
Добавлено: 08.07.2012
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