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Kevin Coyne - Eastbourne Ladies - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kevin Coyne - Eastbourne Ladies - аккорды и текст, видео

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Eastbourne Ladies
Kevin Coyne
From: Chris Cottam 
Subject: c/coyne_kevin/eastbourne_ladies.crd

Artist: Kevin Coyne
Album: Marjory Razorblade
Track: Eastbourne Ladies

This song sounds good just strummed lively on an acoustic guitar...
The chord I've labelled (probably wrongly) G#m/C# is simply the top 5
strings barred on the 4th fret.

Intro: C#m 	Abm/C#


C#m			Abm/C#
Your always on your own,
C#m					Abm/C#
Sitting on your seaside chairs on your own.
B			C#m		Abm/C#
Everybody passes you by.
C#m			Abm/C#
Nobody seems to care,
C#m			Abm/C#
if you flash your underwear.
B			C#m		Abm/C#
No, I don't tell no lie.

C#m				Abm/C#
Your bestest days are gone,
C#m				Abm/C#
Now you know you're on the run.
B			C#m	Abm/C#
Oh lady, why, why?
C#m				Abm/C#
Your white and powdered face,
C#m				Abm/C#
You need some holy grace.
B				C#m	Abm/C#
Pull yourself right back again.


A			    C#m
Eastbourne ladies with your hair done up so nice.
A			    C#m
Eastbourne ladies with your tea and lemon ice.
      D          C#m
Lemon ice. Lemon ice.


I think you need something new,
But you don't know just what to do.
Croquette on the lawn, yet again.
You smile at passing boys.
You can't offer any joys.
You don't undestand your man.
Put your money in the bank,
Money in the bank, now lets be frank.
I want more,
More than 10000 pounds.
I want everything you've got.
I want the lot.
Gimmee gimmee gimmee gimmee all ye got.
Oh, help me. I need some,
I'm so poor now.



So I run around the town.
Looking at rows of you up and down.
I see you every,
I believe I have a choice,
I believe I've made my choice.
Come here lady, will turn brown.
50 years upon the beach
Should be done by now, you're out of reach.
I hope I don't bring you down.
Everything special about you
your pearls, your jewels and your money too,
Oh do you, wear a crown, when you got to bed, now.


The lyrics in the last verse may have some mistakes!



Transcribed and submitted by Chris Cottam
Добавлено: 09.03.2012
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