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Kevin Ayers - Song For Insane Times - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kevin Ayers - Song For Insane Times - аккорды и текст, видео

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Song For Insane Times
Kevin Ayers
Song For Insane Times - Kevin Ayers (from Joy of a Toy)

My first submission.

Standard Tuning

Cm9 : x30343 } These are the intro and solo chords; I tend to pick at the top 4 strings and not
F6/G: 300011 } play the bottom two (xx0343, xx0011, xx5333, and xx3111)
EbM7: x65333 } 
DbM7: x43111 }
GM7 : 320002
Bm7 : x24232
FM7 : xx3210
CM7 : x32000
Am7 : x02010
Gm7 : 353333

Cm9  F6/G  (x3)

(This bit's slightly odd; it's either in 5/4 or it's two and a half bars long but it's hard to say which;
with the slight swing and the syncopated drum fill over the top it's essentially free-form. Your best bet
is to listen to it and make up your own mind!)


GM7             Bm7
People say they want to be free
FM7                       CM7
They look at him and they look at me
Am7                              Gm7
But it's only themselves they're wanting to see
FM7                  CM7
And everybody knows about it.

GM7                          Bm7
We talked all night and were all turned on
FM7                     CM7
We believe we heard him singing his song
Am7                      Gm7
Telling us all there was work to be done
FM7                 CM7
And we all sung the chorus of "I Am The Walrus"

GM7                 Bm7
Yes, Disneyland has come to town
FM7                    CM7
Everyone's dressed and standing around
Am7                  Gm7
Alice is wearing her sexiest gown
FM7                         CM7
But she doesn't want you to look at her

GM7                  Bm7
Beautiful people are queuing to drown
FM7                            CM7
They wait for the lifeguard to put on his crown
Am7                Gm7
But he's up at the other end of town
FM7                   CM7
Trying to talk to the mirror


EbM7  DbM7 (repeat)
Cm9   F6/G
FM7   CM7  (these chords have the weird run over them from the intro)

GM7                        Bm7
The scientist talks and he knows what he means
FM7                          CM7
He sits on the floor and has beautiful dreams
Am7                           Gm7
But he gets brought down by a woman who screams
FM7                      CM7
But he knows it's only a record, oh yes it is!

GM7                    Bm7
His brave new girl stops feeding the ants
FM7                       CM7
And looks at him with her septic pants
Am7                      Gm7
She still knows how to make him dance
FM7                    CM7
And forget about emancipation, it's all imagination

GM7            Bm7
And you and I we sit and hum
FM7               CM7
We know something's got to come
Am7               Gm7
To get us off our endless bum
FM7                         CM7
There's probably one in the bathroom or in the hall

(Repeat keyboard solo/intro and descend into a freeform jazz exploration to fade.)
Добавлено: 09.11.2015
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