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Kenny Wayne Shepherd - In 2 Deep - текст песни, таба, видео

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Kenny Wayne Shepherd - In 2 Deep - текст песни, таба, видео

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Авторы музыки: Mark Selby, Danny Tate, Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Song: In 2 Deep
Artist: Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Tabber: John Seekins (
Album: "In 2 Deep"

Here's a fun song by a young guy from Louisiana.

The song's basically in A blues.

Intro and verse:

On "No where to hide..." he plays a C chord palm-muted, then slides down to 
a Bb, also palm-muted, then it's back to the main riff.

here's the riff from after the chorus:

During the bridge, it's E - D - C - Bb - main riff

During the solo, the rythm part plays the main riff up a whole step, or in 
B  This means that *you* have to transpose the riff up a whole step.  I'm 
not doing it for you.

I saw Kenny Wayne Shepherd last fall and I highly recomend him to anyone who 
digs good blues like Stevie Ray Vaughan.  After the show I got his autograph 
and it turns out he's not the smartest guy ever, but he's still a great 
guitarist and I'm sure he's a very nice person.

(By the way...
I also talked to his drummer & bass player who were two of the coolest  guys 
I ever met. :)  They just stood outside the bus and bullshitted  w/ me and 
my friends for a while.  How cool is that? )
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