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Kenny Marks - Right Where You Are - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kenny Marks - Right Where You Are - аккорды и текст, видео

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Right Where You Are
Kenny Marks
		   From Wed Aug 30 07:48:22 1995

Kenny Marks

C               D
  You say it's all but over.
C                     D
  You say there's no use in trying.
C                D          C    G   D G
  You say He'll never ever hear you crying.
C                D
  But when the tears start falling.
C               D             C                 D
  He knows the reason long before you turn and find,
             C                D
  He's been with you all the time.

           G               D
And He is right where you are
right when you need to know
      Em      D
that someone cares
  G              D
Right where you are
saying I love you so
    Em      D        G
and always will be there

Covered by things you've done.
Knowing how far you've run you,
wonder just how someone could ever found you.
Don't matter where you're coming.
No matter where you've been or where your heart is grey,
He has followed all the way.


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