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Kenny Chesney - Boats - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kenny Chesney - Boats - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kenny Chesney
The basic chord pattern and strumming in the song is:

  [G]       [Am7]      [B/D]        [C]

[d-u-d]    [u-u-d]    [u-u-d]    [u-u-d-u]

(Verse 1)

[G]    [Am7]     [B/D]    [C]
Ol' Joe's got a Boston whaler
[G]    [Am7]   [B/D]    [C]
he bought in Key Biscane
[G]    [Am7]       [B/D]     [C]
He swears since the day he's got her
[G]     [Am7]    [B/D]   [C]
she's been nothing but a pain
when the sun's at his back
and the winds in his face
it's just him and the wheel
he wouldn't take a million for the
way it makes him feel


vessels of freedom
[G]             [D]
harbors of heal-ing

(Verse 2 - same chords and strumming as beginning here)

Newport is where John hung his hat
til he lost his wife Jo
now forty feet of sail antique
is where Ol' John calls home
he watched his life pass before his eyes
in the middle of a hurricane
came out alive on the other side
that's where "the other side" got its name

(Repeat Chorus)


(Verse 3 - same chords and strumming as beginning here)

Twenty years of a landlocked job
was all that tom could take
sitting at his desk
all alone and depressed
says this just cant be my fate
went home that night and told his wife
you can tell all your friends
it's been real but it ain't been fun
gonna get us one of them

(Repeat Chorus)


[G]              [D]
vessels of freed-om

This is my first tab. Sounds close to me. Enjoy
Добавлено: 31.03.2012
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