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Ken Dodd - Wheres Me Shirt - аккорды и текст, видео

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Ken Dodd - Wheres Me Shirt - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Wheres Me Shirt
Ken Dodd
Released in the mid 60s and also featuring The Diddymen!
Tabbed from a video so hopefully sounds about right.
The song can be sung without the 'spoken' sections and it still sounds ok (imo).

Verse 1
Well it all began in the year of one when Adam was the first man
C                                                      G
And a girl called Eve so we believe was said to be his woman
    F                        C         Am
She led him up the Garden of Eden by a tree
         C                            G                          C
Then she offered him her apple and he cried out suddenly ee ee ee
SPOKEN - where's me shirt where's me shirt

  F                                C
I feel a proper twazzer without me shirt
     F                             C           G
I've got me tickling-tackle and me nicky-nocky-noo
But I must confess I feel undressed 
     C       G        C
Like this in front of you

Where's me shirt
I can't find me shirt anywhere It's twenty-five past five
in the Garden of Eden and I can't find me shirt. Fancy
leaving me in a garden with no shirt on like this. Look
at all these creepy-crawly things here. Ooh look there's
a serpent. Go 'way. Go 'way you nasty old serpent. Go on
shoo! Go on shoo.

Verse 2
Since the days of old, we've all been told of men like Bonaparte
C                                              G
His great retreat and his first defeat was the thing that broke his heart
   F                             C            Am
He stuck just outside Moscow and then made history
   C                                  G                          C
He stuck his hand inside his coat and cried out bitterly ee ee ee

SPOKEN - where's me shirt where'a me shirt

  F                              C
I can't go on like zis wizout my shirt
     F                         C           G
I've had my tickle-tonic on my nicky-nocky-nee
But I just can't go through all this snow
    C     G        C
Without a shirt on me

Where's me shirt?
Oh sacre blue sacre flippin' blue where's me shirt? By
Jove t'ain't 'alf frosty. Ooh ooh this tent isn't 'alf drafty.
I don't know where the draft's comin' from but I
know where it's goin' to.

Verse 3
Back in eighty-one in the mid-day sun in Tombstone one September
C                               G
Wyatt Earp was due to go into a gunfight he'd remember
    F                             C            Am
The Clantons and McLourys started firin' suddenly
       C                                                G                         C
As the gunsmoke cleared and the townsfolk cheered Wyatt Earp said quietly ee ee ee
SPOKEN - where's me shirt where's me shirt 

  F                             C
I feel a proper twit without me shirt
     F                              C           G
I've lost me ticklin'-tackle and me nicky-nocky-nee
But I feel a twerp me Wyatt Earp
        C          G    C
With my shirt shot offa me

'Ere where's me shirt?
Where's me gunfightin' shirt? Ooh I say here comes the
Indians. 'Ere you be careful where you're shootin' those arrows.
Where's me shirt? Where's me shirt... I can't find me shirt anywhere.
D'you know I'm sure I had it when I came out.
Where's me shirt?


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