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Keith Richards - Amnesia - аккорды и текст, видео

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Keith Richards - Amnesia - аккорды и текст, видео

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Keith Richards
Song:      Amnesia
Artist:    Keith Richards
Album:     Crosseyed Heart (2015)
Tabbed by: Alexander Zaytsev
Tuning:    Open G
Chords used: D x77777
             C x55555
             E x99999

Intro: |D |C |x3   D

D   C
D   C

Verse 1:
 D                       C
Don't know who I am, forgotten my name
   D                   C
I got no address and who the hell's to blame
  D                 C
Knocked on my head, everything went blank
   D                       C
I didn't even know, the Titanic sank

D         C

Verse 2:
 D                         C 
Check my passports but it seems I've been around
       D                        C
But I can't remember time like baggage lost and found
  D                                 C
Thought I met mother, she said you don't belong to me
   D                                 C
Behind you must be trouble, broken hearts and misery

D  C                    D      C
  Nowhere, I'm talkin' nowhere

G    D   

Verse 3: 
           D                      C       
I try and jock my memory, it's a futile exercise
      D                          C
When you amount to nowhere, ha, you don't get a prize
 D                             C  
How can I regret, huh, it's so easy to forget
         D                        E
You know everything I do, I know nothing about you

Solo: D C x3  D

G              D 
  No-fucking-where (remember)

D   C     D                    C
       I can't recall the past

D           C     
  Nowhere, nowhere
D         E 
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