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Keith Green - The Prodigal Son Suite - текст песни, видео

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Keith Green - The Prodigal Son Suite - текст песни, видео

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I was done hoeingout in the fields for the day

I was thinking of goingI had to leave right away

My life is just fadingand oh I felt so alone

The nearest young maiden wasa full day's ride from home.

My father was readingthe holy books in his room

My heart was just bleedingI knew I had to go soon

He smiled and pointed at an old wooden chair

I wanted to hold himbut then I just wouldn't dare.

I saidfatherthere's so much to know

There's a world of things to see

And I'm ready to go and make a life for myself

If you give me what is mine

I will goif I can have your blessing

But if you won't bless my journeyI'm gonna leave anyway.

SonI've always tried my best for you

And if you must be leaving homethen go with the blessing of god.

Not too many days laterI was well on my way

I met a travelling strangerwho seemed to have much to say

He told me tales of the cityand all the women he'd had

I asked himwasn't that sinful

He saidnoit isn't that bad.

And then a few days lateron an old city road

We were drowning in laughterand we had women to hold

And this went on quite a long timemy father gave me a lot

But when my pockets were emptymy friends all left me to rot.

Then a famine hit and drained the land

Everywhere I looked I saw starvationand a job was nowhere to find

I wandered through the city streetscompeting for the food of common beggers

Until then I'd never known hungerbut now I wasn't too proud.

I finally found some employmentfeeding pigs on a farm

I wasn't treated to kindlyI had to sleep in the barn

I had to eat with the swine

The bread I ate was like stone

It didn't take too much time untilI was dreaming of home.

Ohthe servants there are better fed

If I could only have what my father gives them

I would truly need nothing more.

OhI will go and say to him

I'm no longer worthy to be in your family

Will you take me as your servantand let me live with them.

It didn't take too long to pack my things

I left with only what I wore

And I prayed that I still had a home.

I was near homein site of the house

My father just stareddropped open his mouth

He ran up the roadand fell to my feetand criedand cried

Father I've sinnedheaven ashamed

I'm no longer worthy to wear your name

I've learned that my home is right where you are

Oh fathertake me in.

Bring the best robeput it on my son

Shoes for his feethurry put them on

This is my son who I thought had died

Prepare a feast for my son's alive

I've prayed and prayednever heard a sound

My son was lostoh thank you God he's found

My son was dead and he's now alive

Prepare a feast for my son's alive

My son was dead

My son was lost

My son's returned in the hands of god.
Добавлено: 08.05.2012
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