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Keb Mo - Lullaby Baby Blues - аккорды и текст, видео

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Keb Mo - Lullaby Baby Blues - аккорды и текст, видео

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Авторы: Keb’ Mo’

Lullaby Baby Blues
Keb Mo
Song:  Lulaby Baby Blues
Artist: Keb' Mo'
Tabber: John Seekins (

(from the album "Just Like You")

OK.  Here's another Keb' Mo' tune that's easy.  His secret is the open 
tuning.  In this case, open Bb  This is how he gets those nice harmonics 
while stilling keeping rhythm.  Or he could be good enough to be able to 
pluck them w/ two fingers while still playing w/ his thumb. I know, weird 
tuning, but hey!, it's a great song to impress chicks w/.  I don't use open 
Bb because, unlike Keb' Mo', I am merely a poor college student w/ only one 
guitar.  Therefore, it is much too difficult to tune for just one song.  G 
for me, this song is played capoed at the third fret.


(open)          (w/ capo)
  Bb   Eb   F      Bb    Eb   F


Eb               Bb
F      Eb        Bb
F      Eb        Bb

Chorus:  F-Eb-Bb

On the last chorus, he plays the Eb a little longer

This entire song is played w/ an alternating bass pattern.  I think!

Meaning, in the case of the Bb, in standard tuning, you would keep a quater 
note pulse going, alternating between Bb and F or D w/ your thumb.
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