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Kathy Mattea - Harley - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kathy Mattea - Harley - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kathy Mattea

                 KATHY MATTEA

INTRO:  C  G   C  G

  C          G          C            F
There was a motorcycle mama and her man
 Fm                C         G     Am G
With a wind-burnt tan and a Harley
  C              G           C7             F
Roarin' through Bakersfield when her water broke
      Dm            G            D            G
They pulled into a hospital and for a little joke

 F    Em        Dm     G
They named him Harley
They bought a sidecar
 Em     D      Dm7    G
And a small bandanna band
     F    Em    Dm    G  C   Em  C  G
And they loved their Harley

  C               G
Slidin' sideways, up the coast
  C               F
Cruisin' highway one
     Fm             C
The sidecar came undone
        G      Am  G  G7
No one noticed

  C                  G
Thrashing through a golden meadow
    C                   F
It came to rest right where
A farmer's wife cried
  G                Dm7               G
"Jesus Christ has answered all our prayers"

     F    Em        Dm    C G7
And they named him Harley
 Am             Em
Because of a tattoo
       D         Dm7       G  Em
That claimed his name was tru-ue

     F    Em    Dm    G  C
And they loved their Harley

        F                   Em             
He was raised upon a farm, cradled in the arms
    Dm         C
Of Beulah and Barney
         F                  Em                 
But then at a restless age they unlocked his cage
    Dm           Em7 
And he became a carney

    G7  G   G        F# G

E --7-6-5-6-5-6-----------
B ---------------9-8-7--8-
G ------------------------
D ------------------------
A ------------------------
E ------------------------

 C           G          C           F
There was a motorcycle daredevil deluxe
 Fm             C             G         Am  G
Jumping fifty trucks at the fairgrounds
   C           G            C7              F
A middle aged hippie couple way up in the stands
 Dm               G
Heard the crowd chanting 'loud, 
    Dm7                 G
The name of this young man

     F    Em         Dm    Am  G7
And they called him Harley
          Am            Em
And that hippie couple smiled
           Dm        Dm7        G
Could this be their long lost child?
        F    A  D7      G  Em7  
And So they met Harley
    Am                Em
Convinced him of the news
      E                A7
When they compared tattoos
    Dm Em  F F#  G Am Bbm G   C   G  C   G  C  G  C
And th-ey loved their Har-ar-ley  
Добавлено: 29.12.2015
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