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Katharsis - So Nail The Hearts - текст песни, видео

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Katharsis - So Nail The Hearts - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
 "So nail the hearts"

 I. this is the nyghte of nyghts - vve steale the starrs from heaven
 / adorne a crovvne of the bryde, - vvho
 giveth a chylde to the dragon... / this is the nyghte of nyghts, - 
 vve open all yer hearts so vvyde / vvith
 hooks & blaydes & sharpen'd steele, vvith nayles & thornes &
 burning sealls / children shrieks cutte the 
 ayre, - ascende from crustie stones, / a dagger blayde flasheth
 so neare, - pan=demonick trumpett bones, / 
 nayked bodies, curlling harde, - convulsions tvviste the 
 shelle / fleshe is bleeding, ghoulish guarde, - deepe
 thunder roaring bell. / thou shalt not see - a singlestone
 revealing that his truth is nyghe, / but be crushed
 under the rock, - revealing his terrible lie! / chorus: eate his
 bodie, drink his blood, / embrayse his spirit,
 feaste on his hearte, / grab deepe the teethe in skinne so thinne,
 / tayke his great vvorde, fullfill our sinne! / 
 he turneth sense to madnesse / he nayleth the hearts / 
 reddemptio is nothing (nesse) / ... & nothing vvill be
 re=deem'd. / enlyghten'd torches licke the vaulte, - challice
 consecrated in blyghte / on moones zenith
 releese for the lorde, - their bloode for his most inner lyghte
 / stench of foulenesse, dying pulse, - 
 diabolick choirs, lyfelesse voyce / agonick creeping, living
 dolls, - no vvay bakk, there is no choyce... / our
 throate becometh an open grayve; vve'll use our sperm to
 deceive / the venom of asps is to be under our lipps;
 vve'll be arm'd vvith lyonne teethe / our mouthe vvill spitte
 out cursses, lethall spells vve'll vveave / our
 feete vvill svvifte to shedd bloode; on our paths of ruin &
 greede, / can't ye see - his majestie - openeth his
 hearte so vvyde / vvhere vve vvill goe - vve neede no=more - 
 our ovvn heartebeates insyde / vve feaste on him
 on liquidd sinne - for there appeareth golden soyle, / one eye,
 one hearte, one soule, one vvorde - for 
 slayves vve are, / for this triumphe vve boyle... / this is the
 nyghte of nyghts, vve open all our arms so vvyde / 
 vvith dugger, svvorde & rustie scythe, vvith acid, flayme &
 brimstone knyfe. / this is the nyghte of nyghtes, &
 all shall beare vvitnesse, / the sunne vvill drovvne in the
 ray=ging sea, & the moone vvil follovv the finallie... / 
 this is the nyghte of nyghts, on brethren ye all shall
 follovve, / the path of the laste re=deeming rytes, a
 path throughe the infernall hollovv. / this is the nyghte of
 lyghts, vve strangle the glayre of the future,
 / vve aflayme yer deepest nigtmares vvylde, & sacrifyce
 them for his creature. / (vvhat remayneth vvill
 be throvvn to the vultures.) ah!
Добавлено: 08.02.2014
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