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Katharsis - Infernal Solar Vortexx - текст песни, видео

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Katharsis - Infernal Solar Vortexx - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
 Slaves of Jesus lick the Holy Mother Mary's cunt
 Lambs befallen by worms are sodomized by leprous saints
 Eyes of God are burning, fall into the evil land
 Drink the wine of Satan, hear the gospel of the damned!
 Commander of dark gods in ritual sleep
 Come forth through the void of ethernity
 Transform spectral lives through the vast fields obscure
 Grant magical skills to drink angel blood pure
 Mortal sin, apocalyptic minds
 Revelation of death to the world of the blind
 Disharmonic unity, enemies of the creation
 Rising titans, force of desecration
 Valley of Hell, atrophic land
 Cardinal power of archangels damned
 Horrific sight, morbid priests of the earth
 Sitting upon the four corners of the world
 Basilisk force
 Dancing eye of mass extermination
 Aeon of tyranny, cosmic hell, sea of renewal
 Rape us sweet, Zion tremble, we are invincible
 Our armies ride against New Jerusalem
 Our magic ruins the world
 Satan cometh with signs and wonders
 Holy golden doors are shut forever, them to suffocate within
 A sea of black tears from the mouth of a whore
 Siblings fighting each other with poisoned swords
 Vision from the waste sepulchral lands
 Final plea of sinners in agony and death
 Commander of dark gods in ritual sleep
 Come forth through the void of ethernity
 Transform spectral lives through the vast fields obscure
 Grant magical skills to drink angel blood pure
 A spring never again to cease, erupting malicious disease
 Black crystal fluid of the wicked strong, racing dance of demons
 Beheld in sight of the cyclopic grinning moon
 In the temple of mystical suffering
 A six legged beast with the ten horns of damnation
 And seven emerald crowns hath given birth to our new messiah
 Kaos vortex throne of night, eating crippled beasts of god
 A throne of steel and horrors, surrounded by black sepulchral frostwinds
 Pestilence blessing 
 Dragon claw hammers, dragon spitting sulphur
 Ecliptic spheres, sunrise vortex
 The galley arks are sent for us, and the powers
 Gei-Hinnam eternal - thunder, lightning, doom and kaos
 Cloudfallen majesty, Dark Lord now come!
 Bestow animation upon the unliving yet restless and eagerly awaiting
 Inexorable fate, destruction of the grave
 The sleeper will wake and the world will bleed
 Infernal race - unholy blaze - sleeper awake - DEATH IS LIFE

 Parched with thirst my lips my throat, I am condemned
 I gnash my teeth, let me confess unspeakable deeds
 As the lake waters close above me, consolation in deathlike rapture
 I might find - rewarded by the guilt-less joy instead of horrors
 Avenge my blood in ecstasy and oblivion, and ravings of insanity
 Another race of beings rise, by the terrible vengeance of my hands
 Aided by a glimmering light which turneth into a tempestuous shine

 Calls from the past to rise and rule - works of Ungodliness
 Conjuration of the flesh, Lord Majesty appear unto us
 And get the seven holy virgins, in a state of superhuman trance...
 Gaia dissolve in dark matter, Tetragrammaton hosts killed by
 Fire and fear, landscapes bursting under the feet of the angels
 Elder Lords Invincible Ones - the claws of evil, doom...
 The love of god is banished by a curse of the wicked ones
 And Hell is the centre of the universe
 Terror of a dying world, infernal black devastation
 Blood red slaughter hell, TRANSFORMUTATION!
Добавлено: 18.11.2013
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