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Kate Wolf - Streets Of Calgary - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kate Wolf - Streets Of Calgary - аккорды и текст, видео

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Streets Of Calgary
Kate Wolf
Here's the chords, roughly, although in my recording apparently whoever is
playing the high runs is doing everything up on the neck.  I think it's:
	F and C in 8th position
	Bb in 6th
	Dm in 5th

(If you transpose the whole thing up a step, the fingerings will be
easier:  G, D, C, Em.)


 There's a bad...

   C         C6       C7
 A-cross the prarie   sky

 The clouds...

 C                    F                      F
 Lightning...         night                  .

 I'm a-lone...

     C        C6      C7
 The darkness and the pain

     Dm                      Dm/C(=Dm7)
 The trees...                the wind I

 Bb                   F                      F
 Hear...              rain                   .



 Bb                   F
 Of the ice-fed River Bow

 And watch...

        F             C                      C
 That's where...   to go                     .

 I've seen...

      F               Bb                     Bb
 I've known...        sky                    .

          Dm          Bb                     Bb
 And I've made...   a fortune                ...

         C            Dm                     Dm
 Since I left...      cry                    ...

     C                F                      F
 And now...           why                    .
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