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Kate Wolf - September Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kate Wolf - September Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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September Song
Kate Wolf
Kate Wolf - September Song

CAPO: 4th Fret

INTRO: D  Em  G  A  D  Em  G  A  Em  A  Em  A  Em  A   D

                        Em             G      A  
The wild geese flew overhead in Pennsylvania
  D                       Em               G         A
I thought of a few choice words I ought to send you
    Em                       A
You know if I thought it was right
       Em                 G              A      D
I'd pretend that you were here with me tonight

                        Em                      G           A  
The ghost of a frontier lady walked through the tall rooms
      D           Em                G          A
Of an old Ontario farmhouse under a full moon
   Em                     A
We sat in the kitchen all night
Em                      A               D
Drinking good whiskey until the morning light

        Em                 A
Did you ever think I would go
            D   G                    A
Out on this road you told me I would take
      D    Em  A  D
Long ago?

                        Em                G           A  
On a Roanoke back-road, laughing beside a cold stove
            D                     Em                  G          A
We sang for old black Francis and Bessie, songs about true love
        Em             A
All the songs I ever knew
Em                  G                  A 
Came back to me and brought me back to you

    D                       Em              G        A  
The leaves were turning, we felt the summer passing
        D                     Em           G        A
Knowing things were changing, even without asking
       Em                  A
Like a photograph faded in time
     Em                A                   D
In a cabin lost in the Blue Ridge mountain pines

INSTRUMENTAL: Em  A  Em  A  Em  A  D    

                    Em              G     A  
The wind is blowing cold across the bay
    D             Em            G    A
And Massachusetts seems so far away
         Em           A
From the California tides
    Em                G               A 
The rolling hills and roads I used to ride

        D              Em              G      A  
I'll be leaving in the morning, seeing faces
   D                 Em                G       A
Of friends I leave behind in all these places
    Em                A
And though I'm coming home
    Em                     A           D
I'm not coming back to California all alone

    Em                  A
You always knew I would go
    D                G              A
Out on this road you took yourself once
So long ago
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