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Kate Wolf - Close To You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kate Wolf - Close To You - аккорды и текст, видео

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Close To You
Kate Wolf
Kate Wolf - Close To You

CAPO: 4th Fret

INTRO: C  F  G  C  F  C  G  C  F  C

                   F      G
I like the way you smile
                   C            F
It reminds me of a happy child
                C               G     G7  C
It makes me feel a little less alone

                       F     G
I miss you when you're gone
                       C          F
The hours they stretch on and on
                    C     G7    C       Am
Like water dripping slowly on a stone

You're such a mystery

The way you look at me
          F                      C                 G   G7
With that light that shines from someplace I can't go

       C              F      G
Did it take you by surprise
         C          F
When you realized
                                 C    G7       C   G7 C
That you loved me, though you've never told me so

INTERLUDE: C  F  C  G  C  F  C  F  C

                   F    G
You know I want to say
                  C          F
So many things to you today
                          C               G      G7   C
But you've got me feeling like I'm flying blind

                    F      G
I think if you were here
                     C              F
The words would ring crystal clear
                                C  G7            C       Am
From this heart that's learning how to speak its mind

You fight for truth with love
You're an iron hand in a velvet glove
         F               C                    G     G7
It's the kind of strength that makes a gentle man

    C                  F
But I'm a child of the wind
          G                  C           F
I've been blown away but I'm back again
                         C     G7    C      G7 C
I just don't know if you really understand

INSTRUMENTAL: C Am  Em  C  F  C  G  G7  C  F  G  C  F  C  G7  C  F

         C                F       G
Sunlight moves across the floor
                                  C          F
There's a soft breeze through the open door
                    C            G      G7
A sleepy cat laying on the windowsill

        C         F      G
On this lazy afternoon
                C              F
Like honey on a silver spoon
                   C    G7          C       
The memory of your smile is with me still

Don't tell me that it's wrong
To say I love you with a song
         F                C                    G     G7
When the words won't come, I've seen you do it too

     C           F      G
This road winds along
        C              F
One day we'll be gone
                           C       G7        C     G7 C  F C F
But I'll have this song to bring me close to you
                       C       G7        C     F  G7   C
I'll have this song to bring me close to you
Добавлено: 25.08.2015
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