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Kate Bush - The Disbelieving Angel - аккорды и текст, видео

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Kate Bush - The Disbelieving Angel - аккорды и текст, видео

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The Disbelieving Angel
Kate Bush
D    C                 A#
 So much for all the prayers you've learned.
Gm           Gm+7    Gm     D   Dsus4
 They are no help to basic needs.
D             C               A#
 And all the worlds they've shown you
Gm           Gm+7    Gm  D  Dsus4
Just make you even greedier.
D          C          A#
 So what about divinity?
    Am         F         D  
I'm further away than before.
D              C             A#
 You're like two stars colliding,
           Am      F                 D Dsus4
And you're never going to hit the floor.

Why should I whisper in the church?
Because they say it's sacred ground?
Oh, my sacrilege would do you good.
You see, there's nothing here, I've found.
I feel so sorry for you,
Believing because they control.
And of all the guardian angels
They chose me to save your soul!

D              C           A#
Oh, I'm just trying to explain,
Gm         Gm+7   Gm   D
 I'm a disbelieving angel. 
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