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K-Rino - тексты

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K-Rino - тексты

Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Страна: США
Даты: 09.09.1970 - ...

Дискография [+]

Альбомы и синглы:

  • Stories From The Black Book [1993, альбом]
  • Danger Zone [1995, альбом]
  • K-Rino [27.10.1998, альбом]
  • No Mercy [12.10.1999, альбом]
  • Fear No Evil [27.01.2004, альбом]
  • Presents Family Bizness [24.02.2004, альбом]
  • The Hitt List [13.07.2004, альбом]
  • Time Traveler [2005, альбом]
  • Worst Rapper Alive [13.09.2005, альбом]
  • Book Number 7 [17.04.2007, альбом]
  • Triple Darkness Vol. 1 - Wreck Time [06.02.2008, альбом]
  • Triple Darkness Vol. 2 - The Lyrics [19.02.2008, альбом]
  • Triple Darkness Vol. 3 - Coalition Ambush [05.05.2008, альбом]
  • The Blood Doctrine [18.11.2008, альбом]
  • Speed Of Thought [21.09.2009, альбом]
  • Solitary Confinement [27.10.2009, альбом]
  • Annihilation Of The Evil Machine [23.08.2010, альбом]
  • Alien Baby [2011, альбом]
  • The Day Of The Storm [2011, альбом]
  • Southeast Southpark Revolution [13.10.2011, альбом]
  • Deeper Elevation [07.02.2012, альбом]
  • 80 Minute Eternity [28.08.2012, альбом]
  • Plantation Rebellion [2013, альбом]
  • The Maven [2013, альбом]
  • theRAPeutic [2013, альбом]
  • Deprogrammed [2014, альбом]
  • Makin’ Enemies [17.09.2015, альбом]
Название Материалы
(Intro)-Hour Of Inevitable Conquest
Ain't It Funny
Aint Nothin Changed
Alien Baby
Annihilation of the Evil Machine
Antagonistic Radio
Anything That Moves
Barbedwire Discipline
Be Careful
Blood Doctrine
Blood On The Crown
Book Number 7
Break It Down
Call Um Out
Cartoon Orgie
Casting Out Demons
Caught In The Cross
Caught In The Cross (South Park Shit)
Change Yo Ways
Children of the Concrete
Choose Ya Weapon
Chryme scene
Clouds To The Ground
Come On Down
Creator of Life
Deeper Elevation
Didn't Ask
Doctor Jack
Doin' Bad
Don't Front A Playa
Don't Leave Me
Don't Stop
Drownin' in Blood
Everythang's Alright
Fall Down
Father of the Flame
Feel My Flow
Finish Moves
Flip Side of Reality
Flow Session Finale
Flow Session Number 1
Flow Session Number 2
Flow Session Number 4
Flow Session Number 5
From the Heart
From The Sky
Fuck Da Radio
Fuck Eminem
Goin' To Da Clinic
Gone Away
Grand Deception
H.O.E. (Heaven on Earth)
He Say She Say
Hearing Double
Heat Branga
Hidden Agenda
Holla At Me
Hood Rules
How Many Rhymes
I Ain't No Gangsta
I Cant Tell
I Got 5 On It (Economic Blueprint)
I Got Stripes
I Just Wanna Know
I'll See You
I'm Not
Identity Theft
If You's A Ho
Initial Contact
Journey Through the Metaphor Labyrinth
Kill 'Em
Killin' the Game
Last Letter
Last Man
Let it be known
Let It Burn
Letter to the Law
Lifting the Veil
Line for Line
Lookin' At You
Lyrical Grind
M.O.A.N. (Missed Opportunities and Negligence)
Man in the Mask
Maniacal Manifesto
Mention My Name

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