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Juvenile - Juvenile on Fire - текст песни, видео

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Juvenile - Juvenile on Fire - текст песни, видео

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<>Lets say I'm in a room with a bitch
And the hoe don't wanna fuck
Like a man I'ma beat my meat
And get my fuckin nut
Fo'sho she gonna be drove then
And I'ma cut the TV off
And got to sleep on that hoe then
Now tell that to your girlfriend
You tell her everything else
She goin to be with her boyfriend
You goin to be by your damn self
While I'm in my benz with your friend
And she bout to get nervous
Baby I don't want nothing
But some mouth and lip service
Don't act bad
Don't get mad
Thats all I can do with you
Cause I don't want your ass
Look you kinda fine
With a nigga name on your spine
Now respect my fuckin mind
How I'ma hit that from behind
Got a hoe across the court
And Molly boots the next door
I'm getting tired of you rappers
Its time for me to restore
I done fixed these bitches house up
And have them living swell
But and still a nigga like me was eating a taco bell
But after that shit
All that trick shit I stopped it
And lock my fuckin pockets
You can't kick it or pop it
Now I get what I can get
Out of these hoes and I'm up
And if she wanna flex up
I'ma back the hoe up

Chorus: X4
Girl thats Juvenile
You don't know he on fire
17 inch Momo's
Black magic on his tire

See I know how to treat a hoe
Just talkin and great a hoe
Niggas know I don't need a hoe
Don't mix up your people hoe
If I tell you do something
You better do what I say
If you plannin on playin me
Better get out my way
A bitch will get you killed
Thats the way I think
From some old bitch ass nigga
Trying to receive my bank
Pussy come and it go
It been like that before I got here
Pussy don't wait for me or no nigga
But its gonna stop here
For a little while
So I'ma get what I could
And if she bout sucking some dick
I ain't hatin its all good
Now can I get that out you
It ain't hard to do
You a fine muthafucka
And it starts with you
I'm trying to fuck something till it can't see
What I'ma show you with this dick
You gonna thank me
A nigga gonna be like that untill the moment I retire
Ask them bitches bout me
And they gonna say that I'm on fire

Chorus X4

If I even fuck with a bitch
She gonna know
Not to conversate with niggas
And to open my door
My business is my business
It ain't to be heard
My niggas is my niggas
So you don't say a word
And you don't touch my shit
You don't drive my shit
I got dope in the house
And I hide my shit
I have bad nerves
I hope you don't try my shit
Do right and nice things I'ma buy my bitch
Some bitches you gotta play'em with a long string
You play them close
And you gonna be bangin wrong things
You got something that I hear you don't wanna bring
You not a muthafuckin player you a punk main
Let me get one of them hoes up on this dope dick
Stop handcuffin that bitch let her approach this
You know when Juvenile comes he has to smoke shit
I'm on fire on fire
And you know this

Chorus X6

You can fuck my bitch
You can fuck my bitch
You can fuck my bitch

You can fuck my bitch
Let me fuck your bitch
I don't love that bitch
I don't trust that bitch

You can fuck my bitch
Let me fuck your bitch
I don't love that bitch
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