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Justice - War Tv - текст песни, видео

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Justice - War Tv - текст песни, видео

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Start up the engines when the sun goes down

Still feel the heat around

A perfect fusion made of man and machine

All systems checked, the orders clear

At last all doubts have disappeared

Among the smell of sweat and gasoline

In here to be, just you and me

Together we will fight the abstract enemy

I draw the lines into the sky

With best regards, it's time to die

So get prepared and kiss your ass goodbye


Eyes of the world - follow the action

Watch every move - war tv

Out in the fields - be my companion

Whipe out them all - war tv

My missiles hit the target, exactly done my work

Mission accomplished as the fires blaze

No fake, it's life what you have seen

Now pan the camera right to me

So that the world can see the smile on my face

Gunfire, we're hit, pure blood i spit

The bastards cracked us up, we're going down

They drew a line into the sky

With best regards, it's time to die

I get prepared and kiss my ass goodbye


Hello, it's me back on the screen, do you remember me

They broke my will, i'm not the heroe anymore

Whatever they will do to me, they're gonna do it slowly

This ain't the picture you've been waiting for

Down on my knees, your gun released

World's on location when they blow away my head

With best regards, it's time to die

Stay tuned and see another try

Of entertainment on your war tv

Добавлено: 20.06.2012
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