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Justice - Highschool Death - текст песни, видео

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Justice - Highschool Death - текст песни, видео

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Get up at the usual time 

Packed bag in the corner of the room 

Breakfast - the day's starting well 

Rushing in by the ringing of the bell 

Now my time has come 

And my job has to be done 

Don't move, it won't help you anyway 

Get ready for my judgement day 

Highschool death 

Bullets flying through the classroom 

Ripping virginal flesh from the bone 

Blood spills from the teacher's head 

He tortured me and now he's dead 

Outside the parents cry 

Cops are waiting to come in 

Kids are screaming, trying to run away 

This is my private judgement day 

Highschool death
Добавлено: 03.05.2012
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