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Just Jack - Paradise (Lost & Found) - текст песни, видео

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Just Jack - Paradise (Lost & Found) - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Авторы музыки: Jack Allsopp
Авторы текста: Jack Allsopp
Hangin about in the sun 

With prozac Annie and the schizo alcoholics 

The sharp edged shadows 

And these mad electronics 

The barbeque's burning 

With the moon-ray sensations 

I'm lying on my back 

And watching cloud formations 

Trying to see the beauty 

Minus the black inside 

She told me people came here 

To get drunk before they died 

Too many problems 

And not enough solutions 

Ms. Monroe is in the bathroom 

Taking care of her ablutions 

Hiding myself behind illusions 

Stand back and watch the evolution 

Of the secondhand lives your using 

So many fucked up souls 

In this locality 

I need the choice of some 

Relative banality 

The raw twistings of your mind spewing forth 

As you stare at me  

Is fucking scaring me 




Paradise lost and paradise found 

I'm just trying to keep my feet on the ground 

Paradise lost and paradise found 

And I'm just trying to get lost in my sound 

Paradise lost and paradise found 

I'm just trying to keep my feet on the ground 

I'm just trying to keep my feet on the ground 


Storms rage across  

Metallic skies 

Reflecting in the multi faceted eyes 

Of lazy buzzing flies 

The heavens collide 

In primeval cacophonies 

I contemplate my demise 

And hope the gods are appeased 

A long distance love affair that's alive 

But barely breathing 

A thousand times I thought about leaving 

Giving all this up 

And put myself at your mercy 

But still scared to death 

About the fact you might hurt me 

Instead I came here 

And became an agony uncle 

And now I'm saddled with this 

Freaky carbuncle 

Who's stalking me forcefully 

And I'm begging her 

Please let me go about my business peacefully 

Let my days flow seamlessly 

Cos since you've been around 

Everything's got so messy 

You stress me 

God bless me and test me 





Well it's the original tales of the unexpected 

You thought I couldn't do it 

Now stand corrected 

Cos I'm connected 

To every nerve ending 

Cerebral cortex messages 

I'm sending 

There's two sides to every story 

Black and white  

The day and night 

Wrong and right 

And the paradise lost and found 

All inside this sound 


Добавлено: 20.03.2012
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