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Just Jack - Eye To Eye - текст песни, видео

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Just Jack - Eye To Eye - текст песни, видео

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(feat. Sammy D)

Sometimes I wonder how I cope 

When every time I open my mouth 

You jump down my throat 

And some nights the beds so cold 

In frozen sheets 

It's like we're lying at opposite poles 

And I just don't know 

What to do 

Loosen my grip 

Or take a tighter hold on you 

Just remember 

That you came looking for me 

I didn't hunt in someone else's territory 

You presented the opportunity 

It was you who pursued me 

Maybe you just needed the change 

And got a kick out of playing the game 

I know you don't like things that stay the same 

So I guess you're not to blame 

I suppose its my fault again 




Sometimes we don't see eye to eye 

But I don't ask too many questions why 

Sometimes we don't see eye to eye 

But I don't ask too many questions why 


Neither of us knew what to expect 

What was gonna happen next 

So we cherished every caress 

Sorry I wasn't there 

When you needed a rest 

A shoulder to cry on 

Moral support 


I always thought about you 

And I hated the fact 

We only had 

Brief moments of contact 

We'll survive and if we persevere 

Then maybe this will last for years 

I don't mean to exert pressure 

I just wanna give 

And receive pleasure 

And if you're pouring 

I'll have full measure 

Cos it's you I'll treasure 

Even if we're not together 




Even though these questions still remain 

Time won't change a single thing 

We're still playing all these selfish games 

But I'd hate to hate you 

Why do all the questions stay the same 

Why do all you're answers cause me pain 

Do I need to say it all again 

I'd hate to hate you 





I know we're not exactly Romeo and Juliet 

But come on 

I ain't nowhere near ready to quit on this yet
Добавлено: 20.03.2012
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