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Junoon - Chale The Saath - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Junoon - Chale The Saath - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Chale The Saath
Chaley The Saath (Inquilaab)
x	-	mute with left hand (if you are a right handed guitarist)
h	-	hammer on (3h5 means hammer on from 3rd fret to 5th fret)
p	-	pull off (9p7 means pull off from 9th fret to 7th fret)
b	-	bend up/down (4b5 is bend up, 8b6 is bend down)
/	-	slide up (5/7 is a slide from the 5th fret to the 7th)
	-	slide down (118 is a slide from the 11th fret to the 8th)
(5)	-	Any number in brackets() means that you keep that fret and 
		let the tone ring
Intro + Verse

Play once without lyrics then:

   Chaley   chaley the    saath  saath
   Ruke     ruke   the    saath  saath

e --------5-------5-------------------------------------------------
B --------3-------3--3------------3----(3)------(3)-----------------
G ------0--------------0----------0-------(0)------(0)---(0)--------
D ----4--------4---------4------4---4--------(4)-----(4)----(4)-----
A --5-------------------------5-------------------------------------
E ------------------------------------------------------------------ 

         Kitna haseen tha     apna safar
	   Saare jahan ki		khushiyan thi saath
         Bm				A
e ----------------------------5---5---------------------------------
B -------3-------3------------5-5---5-------------------------------
G -------4---4----4--0--------6--------6--0-------------------------
D -------4-----4---4----------7-------------------------------------
A --5-0--2--------------------7-------------------------------------
E ----------------------------5-------------------------------------

    Bichar gaye hum		dukh ki hai baat
    G					A
e --3-----3-------------------5-----5-------------------------------
B --3---3---3-----------------5---5---5-----------------------------
G --4-4-------4--0------------6-6-------6--0------------------------
D --5-------------------------7-------------------------------------
A --5-------------------------7-------------------------------------
E --3-------------------------5-------------------------------------

    Meri 			 zindagi
    Mere		      saath nahin (end with chord)
    G  G5 G  G5			A		
e --3-----3-------------------5-------------------------------------
B --3-----3-------------------5-------------------------------------
G --4-----4-----0-------------6---6-6h7-6---------------------------
D --5--5--5--5----0-----------7-7---------7-------------------------
A --5--5--5--5----------------7-------------------------------------
E --3--3--3--3----------------5-------------------------------------

Continue 2nd verse with notes & chorus as above and then bridge out...

    Kya	-		aa	  Socha
    Tu	-		u       Boke
    D          A
e ------------------------------------------------------------------
B --3----3--3-3-0-------2----2-2----2-------------------------------
G --2----2--2-2-0-------2------2----2-------------------------------
D --0----0--0-0---------2-2-------2---------------------------------
A ----0-----0-----------0------0-----0------------------------------
E ------------------------------------------------------------------

    Bu-a  kya	-    aa
    Mila kya	-    aa
          Bm			G     					
e --------------------2-------3-------------------------------------
B --------3-----3-----3-0-----3-------------------------------------
G --0-----4-----4--4----0-----4-----4--4--4--0----------------------
D --0--0--4--4--4--4----0-----5--5--5--5--5--0----------------------
A -----0--2--2----------------5--5--5--5--5--0----------------------
E ----------------------------3--3--3--3--3-------------------------

The rest of the song continues with the chords as shown below... the best advice would be 
to strum the chord once and then play a rhythm on the chord... I'm pretty sure you'll 
figure out some way to improvise on the rhythm as well as the ending guitar solo.

D		A        	Bm	G
Maine uske dil ko toda kya
D		 A		    Bm	G
Ya phir usne mujh ko chhoda kya
F		G             (Go back to the intro rhythm)
Bandhan tha yeh, toda kya

I'm not too sure about the lyrics, 'cos I wrote them from memory... listen to the song and 
they'll probably fit somehow!

Tabbed by: The Unaffectionate Nomster (TUN)
Any criticisms, corrections, and/or suggestions are welcome.
Please e-mail me at:
Добавлено: 23.11.2013
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