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Jump Little Children - Pigeon - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jump Little Children - Pigeon - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jump Little Children
So, there wasn't already a tab for this gorgeous, gorgeous song and I know this one doesn't do it justice,
but it's just a little something to sing along to. There might be a few chords here and there that could be 
replaced by something better, I just couldn't find whatever it was. Feel free to annotate!
Capo on whichever fret fits your voice. The vocals are pretty low. 

      Am                      D
The brackish roots of river pine
    G                    C
Anchored in my curving spine
                     Am       Em
Bend to the whims of wind's design
Am          D          Em
And I lay down at your side
Am                          D
Above the brine of reds in clay
    G                    C
A swollen angel oaks bouquet
C                              Am       Em
In the red-winged blackbird's eyes of grey
      Am      D        Em
A saltwater tear resides
        C            D        G
But the sand and the earthen parapet
 C      D        Em
Silts into This rivulet
     G              D          Am     Em
The bluffs and the banks will soon forget
     Am    D       Em
A single tear was cried
    Am                            D
And in this spawning ground it blooms
     G                      C
The nectar and the petal plumes
   C             D      Em
A purple swallow now exhumed
Am        D              Em
From the river that has died
      C     D      G
The crimson of rinoculous
   C      D     Em
Gardenia and dianthus
       G        D     Am  Em
The bloodless ivory water-lotus
Am        D     Em
Sweetly opens wide
C           D    G
Without a voice left to sing
      C     D          Em
With waterlogged and heavy wing
         G     D      Am  Em
With peaceful eyes unsuffering
  Am        D           Em
A pigeon floats in the tide
Добавлено: 19.12.2015
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