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Jully Black - Until I Stay - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Jully Black - Until I Stay - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Until I Stay
Jully Black
Hey all, no guarantees  on this one guys, I'm going from memory - not ear so make 
where you need to because it's adjusted to my vocal range. Im iffy about the F chord but I 
think of a better option and apparently no one posts Canadian R&B up on here… boo urns.

Capo 2
Standard Tuning

[Em]        [D]     [G]
My eyes are open in bed
        [D]                [G]
There's somethin' I never said
           [D]     [F]
Won't come out of my mouth
[Em]         [D]        [G]
I should be thinking of you
            [D]          [G]
But there's someone else instead
           [D]               [F]
There's so much to figure out

[Em]                [G]
I thought of letting go
       [D]           [F]
But my mind won't let me
[Em]                [G]         [F]
My heart will never know what's true
[Em]         [G]         [D]    [F]
I just never thought I'd find a reason
[Em]              [G]          [F]
To keep me comin' back until I stay

[Verse 2]
[Em]       [D]        [G]
When we're out on the street
          [D]            [G]
There's a perfect you and me
     [D]          [F]
They believe what they see
[Em][D]        [G]
Way down underneath
         [D]        [G]
you're a stranger to me
    [D]            [F]
I'm in this too deep,
[Em]           [D]      [F]
love's getting harder to keep

[Em]        [D]
My mind, my heart
Has never been so far apart
[Em]             [D]
We knew from the start
It was bound to fall apart
[Em]      [D]
I stay, I leave
It's never gonna change for me
[Em]           [G]          [F]
Keep me comin' back until I stay


Repeat to fade
Добавлено: 15.07.2012
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