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Judy Garland - Swanee - текст песни, видео

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Judy Garland - Swanee - текст песни, видео

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I've been away from you a long time. 

I never thought I'd miss you so. 

Somehow I feel, your love was real, 

Near you I long to be. 

The birds are singing, it is song time. 

The banjo's strummin' soft and low. 

I know that you yearn for me too, 

Swanee you're calling me. 

Swanee how I love ya, how I love ya 

My dear old Swanee 

I'd give the world to be 

Among the folks in D-I-X-I even know my 

Mammy's waitin' for me prayin' for me 

Down by the Swanee 

The folks up North will see me no more 

When I get to the Swanee shore. 

Swanee, Swanee I am coming back to Swanee. 

Mammy, Mammy, I love the old folks at home. 

I love your Swanee how I love ya, how I love ya

my dear old swanee I'd give the world if I could only be 

sitting on my Mammy's knee I love the old folks I love

the young folks oh my holdin'all my family in Allabamy

Mammy, Mammy my dear old Mammy your wonder child will wonder

no more when I getr to that Swanee Shore!
Добавлено: 20.07.2012
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