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Judy Garland - Palace Montage - текст песни, видео

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Judy Garland - Palace Montage - текст песни, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
I played the state, 

The capital, 

And people said 

Don't stop, 

Until you play the Palace, 

you haven't played the top. 

For years I had it preached to me, 

And drummed into my head, 

Until you play the Palace, 

You might as well be dead. 

A team of hoofers was the headline, 

At the Majestic, down in Dallas. 

But they canceled the day, 

Their agent called to say, 

You can open the bill at the palace. 

So, it became the Hall of Fame, 

The Mecca of the trade. 

When you had played the Palace, 

You knew that you were made. 

So, I hope you understand my wondrous thrill, 

Cuz Vaudevilles back as the Palace, 

And I'm on the bill.  

Shine on 

Shine on 

Harvest moon 

Up in the sky 

I aint had no lovin 

Since January 


June or July  

Some of these days 

Your gonna miss me honey 

Some of these days

Your gonna feel so lonely

You miss my hugging

You miss my kissing

You'll miss me honey 

When I'm far away 

Oh my man 

I love him so 

He'll never know 

All my life is just despaire 

But i dont care 

When he takes me in his arms 

The world is bright alright

I dont care

I dont care

If people frown

On me

I'm happy go lucky 

They say that I'm plucky 

Contented and carefree, 

I dont care 

I dont care 

If he's a clerk or just a millionare, 

If im not successful 

It wont be degressful 

Cuz I dont care.


And all around me 

I hear voices that I can't ignore.   

The voices of the stars 

Who played the Palace long before.  

The stars who entertained you, 

Until the rafters rang.  

You dont need there names 

For the whole world acclaims them 

For the wonderful songs they sang.  

Theres Eddie Canter,  

Georgie Jessle, 

Louie Holts,

Johnson and olson.  

Cowerson boys, 

Howerdson boys 

Aand that singing fool Al Jolson. 

And so with deep humility, 

I stand in front of you 

I'm proud to play the palace, 

It's like a dream come true, 

Which is why I'd like to shout it up and down. 

Just to tell Broadway 

That the two a day is back in town.
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