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Judy Collins - Houses - аккорды и текст, видео

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Judy Collins - Houses - аккорды и текст, видео

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Judy Collins
Houses    Judy Collins

G                     C9            D
You have many houses, one for every season
G                          C9              D
Mountains in your windows, violets in your hand 
Em7                               C9               D
Through your English meadows your blue-eyed horses wander
C9                         D
You're in Colorado for the spring
G                          C9                    D
When the winter finds you, you fly to where it's summer
G                          C9                D
Rooms that face the ocean, moonlight on your bed
Em7                        C9                 D
Mermaids swift as dolphins paint the air with diamonds
C9                            D
You are like a seagull as you said
C                                               G
Why do you fly bright feathered sometimes in my dreams?
Bb                        C
The shadows of your wings fall over my face
Bb                 C
I can feel no air, I can find no peace
Bb                       C
Brides in black ribbons, witches in white
Bb                      C                   G
Fly in through windows, fly out through the night
C                                        G
Why do I think I'm dying sometimes in my dreams
Bb                    C
I see myself a child running through the trees
Bb                    C
Searching for myself, looking for my life
Bb                 C
Looking everywhere crawling on my knees
Bb                         C               g
I cannot see the leaves, I cannot see the light
Em7                     D
Then I see you walking just beyond the forest
Em7                   D
Walking very quickly, walking by yourself
Em7                    D
Your shoes are silver, your coat is made of velvet
Em7                    D
Your eyes are shining, your voice is sweet and clear
C                                  D
"Come on", you say, "Come with me, I'm going to the castle"
C                          D
All the bells are ringing, the weddings have begun
C                          D
But I can only stand here, I cannot move to follow
C                              C9              D
I'm burning in the shadows and freezing in the sun
G                         C9             D
There are people with you living in your houses
G                              C9               D
People from your childhood who remember how you were
Em7                       C9             D
You were always flying, nightingale of sorry
C9                D                C
Singing bird with rainbows on your wings

This one was a bear to work out sometimes the chords I intend don't show properly there should be no barre 
chords in this the C9 should be index finger on d at 2nd fret middle A at 3rd and ring b at 3rgd fret
Добавлено: 20.12.2015
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