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Jude Cole - First Your Money - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jude Cole - First Your Money - аккорды и текст, видео

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First Your Money
Jude Cole
Jude Cole
Start the car
First your money (then your clothes)
Acoustic guitar

Then With A country feel: G...G...C...G...G...C....G

G                           G                           
Well i left home on a southbound train, one september in the poorin rain
            C                      G
Midnight flyer a girl named Lori rose.
G                          G
Mama said son it wont last, she'll be gone when your out of cash
C                             G
Hey mom.....I need a ride back home

Pre Chorus:
D                                  Em                          C
All your life you run to love, you give your heart but that's not enough
G                          C             G
Well hey's just the way it goes

Verse 2:  

Well it's romeo in a gto
met juliet at the drive in show
Midnight dreaming down the Texas coast
I stopped to wish upon a star
You stole my breath, you stole my car
but hey baby it's just the way it goes

Pre Chorus 2: 

Everytime that your heart breaks
You swear you won't make the same mistake
But hey baby it's just the way it goes

G             A       C               G
First your money........Then your clothes

  A                                Em
Oh aint cheap theres a toll booth up on lovers leap
 C                                     D                 
Take a chance for a little romance Come and dance with me.....eee.

Verse 3:
Well i'm rising out on a southbond train
just romeo in the pourin' rain 
but hey baby it's just the way it goes

Chorus x 1

Intro 1 out.
Добавлено: 18.04.2012
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