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Joy Electric - Im Your Boy - аккорды и текст, видео

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Joy Electric - Im Your Boy - аккорды и текст, видео

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Im Your Boy
Joy Electric
		   | Copyright 1997 BEC Recordings    |

Verse 1

G           D
get a get a good thing boy
       C                 D
you'll never change when you get old
get a good thing
D                C          
hold it close to your heart
G             D
we are we are young and few
   C               D
we live by the old fashioned rules
G               D            C
faithful to the one and only true Son

G           D
my heart is willing
    C            D
for your love to fill me
       G            D
though at times i'm guilty
C        D
i'm your boy
G         D
when all else denies you
C        D
i'm your boy
G         D
when the world declines you
C        D
i'm your boy

Verse 2

Get a new electric car
the joy electric disco palace
opens when the moon is out in full bloom
have a friend who never ends
the love he once for all began
so jump for joy the party's
for the poor boys

Repeat Chorus


e |-10--10--10-12-12-12-10----------------10--10--10--10-12--10--
b |---12--12--------------13-12-10-10-12----12--12--12-----------
g |-------------------------------------12-----------------12----

Repeat Chorus

C   D    C/Am/G
i'm your boy

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