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Joy Division - Leaders of Men - текст песни, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Joy Division - Leaders of Men - текст песни, таба, бас-таба, видео

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Joy Division- Leaders of Men Guitar Tab
By Octarange(
Song by Curtis/Hook/Sumner/Morris

/= slide
p= pull off     h=hammer on

x= mute strings slightly


The song begins with this riff. The riffs change but its easy to find out which bits
to place which riff at by listening to the song.

E 77777 //// 55555
B 88888 //// 66666
G xxxxx //// xxxxx
D xxxxx //// xxxxx
A 99999 //// 77777
E 77777 //// 55555

The above riff is repeated a few times and then switches to;

2nd Riff during Verse;

E-----12 12 12 ///-9
B-----13 13 13 ///-10
G-----0--0  0  ///-0
D-----0--0- 0  ///-0
A-----14-14-14 ///-11
E-----12-12-12 ///-9

The above is the main riff. Basically the whole song revolves around this riff, which is
sometimes played more abrupt and angularly as shown above, or in the lower frets each
chord is strummed.

0:37- when your times on the door...

E -------------------------------------
B -------------------------------------
G 55555--7-77777--55555-11-1111111111-6
D 44444--6-66666--44444-10-1010101010-5
A 33333--5-55555--33333-9 -9 9 9 9 9 -4
E -------------------------------------

E --------------33333///12
B --------------44444///13
G 55555 7 7777--xxxxx///x
D 44444 6 6666--xxxxx///x
A 33333 5 5555--55555///14
E --------------33333///12

after the slide is indicated the as shown above the riff becomes like the first part again.

The end bit of the song when bernard sumner plays a bunch of notes until the final chord;

E--- --------4--3-----2-2-2--2
B---2h3p2---------2- 3-3-3

This is repeated i think 3 times

then it ends with an F chord struck a nine times.

E 1
B 1
G 2
D 3
A 3
E 1

Listen to the song to get the right timings. This is done from the substance version
of the song, not the warsaw one.

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