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Josh Garrels - Jacaranda Tree - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Josh Garrels - Jacaranda Tree - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Jacaranda Tree
Josh Garrels
This song is played capo x3

*D to play this "D" you slide the standard C chord up 2 frets.


Jacaranda Tree:

Intro: G(just the first two strings) Am, Em, C,
G, F7M  , G, C

Am         Em
Sitting on porches
      C            G
Since Friday while the sky
F7M          G       C
Tilts like a watery glass

Am          Em
We wait for downpours
  C          G
A drenching joy
F7M   G    C
A carnival sky

Am         Em
But what I don't say
C       G
What I can't say
F7M               G
Is that with this joy
Comes a mourning

Am        Em
Something left behind
C           G
Blue lined, teary
G      C    *D  Am  G
I move on

Am    Em    C    G

F7M   G          Am     Em
All things will change
C   D           Am   C
We wait for the rain
C       D         Em     :Intro:
And the promise remains

After that, just use the same chords for the rest of the song.

Live life fully
Peeking through fingers
Slung in our hammocks

Skimming the water
Trapezed above time
We glide like slingshot angels

Belly up and
Floating we see
The promise in the sky

Up to Orion's ribs
We climb this tree
And listen
For our pulse


I flung loosely
Into that world
I stayed heavily

I'll be a Jacaranda Tree
In Indiana
I say
Green-housed and sung to

I pray light will
Leak from our pockets
We'll be drenched, overcome
At night the fireflies
Streamers at our sides
Silent flamin' arcs of hope


This is just chords nothing fancy, just to get you able to play this song.
And if you listen to the song closely you will be able to figure out how to
pick it. I wish I could make a tab for you guy's but I'm still a noob at that
kind of stuff. Haha So anyways I hope this helps!
Добавлено: 27.11.2013
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