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Josh Abbott Band - Good Night For Dancin - аккорды и текст, видео

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Josh Abbott Band - Good Night For Dancin - аккорды и текст, видео

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Good Night For Dancin
Josh Abbott Band
good night for dancin 
josh abbot 

Verse 1 
(D)                       (G)
There's a place I like to go
(D)                           (G)
where the fast songs meet the slow.
(D)            (G)
And people come from miles around 
(D)                 (G)
just to hear an old guitar sound
(D)                             (G)
Call your friends and I'll call mine.
(D)                 (G) 
We'll have ourselves a country time.
(D)              (G)
Get there early and have a few drinks, 
(D)                       (G)
loosen up step out on the dance floor
now what do you think?

(G) (C)  (D)
    Yeah, it's a good night for dancing.
(G)    (C)            (D)
It's a good night for you

Verse 2
(D)             (G)
A nice two-step might start out the night.
(D)                             (G)
Pretty soon we're half-stepping and the rhythm's right.
(D)          (G)
A line dance and the cotton eye joe,
(D)                          (G)
I spin you around and around and here we go.

Verse 3
(D)                 (G)
Well it's last call and the lights begin to come on
(D)                        (G)
and they announce that it's the very last song.
(D)                 (G)
I grab your hand and lead you on the floor,
(D)                 (G)    
Hold you in my arms till we cant dance anymore  

my first song to put out enjoy!!!! great band and awesome song
Добавлено: 13.03.2012
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