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Joni Mitchell - Chinese Cafe Unchained Melody - аккорды и текст, видео

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Joni Mitchell - Chinese Cafe Unchained Melody - аккорды и текст, видео

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Chinese Cafe Unchained Melody
Joni Mitchell
"Chinese Cafe/Unchained Melody"
by Joni Mitchell

>From the album "Wild Things Run Fast" (1982)

Standard tuning.

All original work - comments, corrections, questions
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B--3-----5---3------5---7---3------3---------5---7---(strum D)


    D                      Gmaj9                   Am7
  xx0232                   300202                 002010
1:Caught in the middle... middle class, we're... wild in the old days
2:Uranium money is.........old home town now.... sleek concrete
3:Christmas is....      ..Carol's lawn...    ...childhood games

                 Gmaj9            Em                   C6/9
                 300202         022000                x32233
1: Birth of rock'n'roll days.... Now your kids are... and my child's a 
2: Tearing the old landmarks ....brave little parks... Indian land again
3: With kids nearly grown... fast...         ...turn of a page...

     Am7        Gmaj9
   002010       300202
1:I bore her... raise her.
2:How long?.... business man.
3:We look... ...when we were those kids' age

                   Em                  D
                 022000              xx0232
Nothing lasts for long, nothing lasts for long
Nothing lasts for long...


Am7                          Em
002010                      022000
Down at the Chinese Cafe... dreamin on our dimes.

We'd be playin...

   Cadd9        Am7      F7M  
  x30033      002010     003210
1: Oh      my love, my   darling...
2: You give.. love, so   sweetly...

003210  xx0232
One more time...

After "we'd be playin" on third verse, segue to Unchained Melody:

   Cadd9        Am7      F7M              G               C
  x30033      002010     003210        320003          X32010
   Oh      my love, my   darling, I've hungered... your touch

   Am7          G
002010       320003
A long, lonely time

   C             Am7     F7M         G        C
x32010         002010  003210    320003   x32010
And time goes... by,  so slowly... time... so much

Am7           Em
002010       022000
Are you still mine?

   C               G        Am7
x32010          320003   002010
I need your love...      I need your love

        F                G
     x03211            320003
God speed your love....

To me.....

(...time goes, where does the time go? i wonder where the...)

What a heartwarming song on middle age. I hope you enjoy my submission.

Добавлено: 11.09.2013
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