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Joni Mitchell - Blue - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Joni Mitchell - Blue - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

Просмотров: 213
Авторы музыки: Joni Mitchell
Авторы текста: Joni Mitchell
Joni Mitchell
artist:joni mitchell
tabbed by APRIL

OPEN with Bm
Bm             A
Songs are like tatoos
            Em                 A  A
You know iv been to sea before
crown and anchor me, or let me
G  Bm  A
sail away
Hey blue
Bm                 A
Here is a song for u
Ink on a pin
A              Em
Underneath the skin
         G        Bm      A
An empty space to fill in
             G       Bm
Well therere so many sinking now
G                 Bm
Youve got to keep thinking
                A          Em    A   Em
You can make it thru these waves
G     Bm         A
Acid, booze, and ass
G        Bm        A
Needles, guns, and grass
Em             A
Lots of laughs, lots of laughs
Bm   A   Em
G    Bm  A
G          Bm          G         Bm
Everybodys saying that hells the hippest way to go
G           Bm
Well I dont think so
G                   Bm
But Im gonna take a look around it though
A            Bm G
Blue, I love you
G  Bm Em
G  Bm Em
Bm              A
Blue, here is a shell for you
Inside youll hear a sigh
        A  Em
A foggy lullaby
There is your song from me
Em   A

love April
Добавлено: 13.05.2012
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