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Jonathan Richman - The Morning Of Our Lives - таба, видео

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Jonathan Richman - The Morning Of Our Lives - таба, видео

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Уроки эстрадного вокала в Санкт-Петербурге
Авторы музыки: Jonathan Richman
Авторы текста: Jonathan Richman
                THE MORNING OF OUR LIVES - Jonathan Richman 
Tabbed by: harrytheblurfan

This is my all-time favourite Jonathan Richman song that just sums up what he's 
about. I've struggled to find a tab for this song and the chords are always 
just A, F#m, C#m, E for the verses. Even if you play barre chords for this it 
still doesn't sound completely right and that's because Jonathan plays a riff 
instead of chords for the most part of this song. I'm posting this as an intro 
because I'm not 100% sure about the chorus but I'll put the chords that he uses 
according to the brilliant





                     D                  E                  A
And our time is right now, now we can do anything we really want to.
           D                E              A
Our time is now, here in the morning of our lives.

And that's about it really. Enjoy! 


| /   slide up
| \   slide down
| h   hammer-on
| p   pull-off
| ~   vibrato
| +   harmonic
| x   Mute note
| b   Bend
| pb  Pre-bend
| br  Bend release
| pbr Pre-bend release
| brb Bend release bend

Добавлено: 05.12.2015
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