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Jonathan Reuel - Waterfall On Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jonathan Reuel - Waterfall On Me - аккорды и текст, видео

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Waterfall On Me
Jonathan Reuel
C      G       Em       D
Oh my savior I give you glory
C     G         Em      D
My redeemer, my God and king
C        G       Em    D
There is no one, oh so holy
C        G       Em      D
Like the one who sets me free 

G                C           
I can't think of anywhere, anywhere
F                       C
I would want to be more than with you
G                C           
I can't think of anything, anything
F                      C
I would rather do than give you glory
G               C           
Come my savior, on the clouds
F            C
Holy Spirit, speed the hour
G            C           
I will shout out loud the message,
F                  C
"Freedom is coming and the kingdom is now"

Em                  C           G
Let your rain come down all around
G               D                 Em
Let the thunder sound, shake the ground
Em                 C               G
Let the waterfall pound, breaking down
G                D           Em
All the lies you found under me
Em                 C            G
Let the sightless see, let 'em see
G                   D             Em
Set the bound ones free, set 'em free
Em            C         G
Water fall on me, waterfall
G                 D             Em
I've sought your heart, hear me call...

G            C           
I am here to speak a message
F                      C
Tell the truth that'll set you free
G            C           
I proclaim, "freedom to the captives,
F                 C
Freedom to you in Jesus' name"
G           C           
You can bow before the master
F                 C
Find your shelter under his blood
G                C           
You can come and be forgiven
F                    C
Carried along in the crimson flood

I play no capo
With the introduction's chords only being strummed once 
and then vamping up on the last D Chord

The refrain I have written in in a way that shows the chord changes on the last word of the line
but then that chord stays for the beginning of the next line

Generally the song is played Introduction, first verse, refrain second verse, refrain x2,
Then end on that Em,
But it can really be played in any order if you figure out how to jump around in it.

Cool, have a good time.

Добавлено: 15.08.2015
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