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Jonathan David Helser - Explode My Soul - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jonathan David Helser - Explode My Soul - аккорды и текст, видео

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Explode My Soul
Jonathan David Helser
Verse 1:
           F#m                 D
Whisper my name so only I can hear
           F#m                   D
Call to my heart, chase away my fears
                  F#m                          D
Stand up in this place, fight for the one you love
                   F#m                     D
Won't you come surround me so I can rise above

           F#m                         D
Explode my soul, let these walls come down
                F#m                       D
All these prison thoughts crumble with the sound
            F#m                D
Of my deliverance from my enemies
                  F#m                           D
I stand up beside you, let's watch these giants flee

Verse 2:
                   F#m                        D
Let the silence be broken, and the winter be done
                          F#m                        D
Will you come out of your hiding, kiss me sweet warm sun
                      F#m                         D
Let the wind of your Spirit blow the dust off my feet
              F#m                  D
I ran to you broken but now I am complete

               D                         A
Hello promise land, we've waited for so long
                     D                                   A
To see what we've believed in, to sing this promise land song
            D                   A
Explode my soul, explode with praise
         D                   A
What he promised is what he gave
Добавлено: 20.05.2015
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