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Jonathan Coulton - Gamblers Prayer - аккорды и текст, видео

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Jonathan Coulton - Gamblers Prayer - аккорды и текст, видео

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Новый альбом группы 'Черный Кузнец' по культовому сериалу 'Сверхъестественное'!
Авторы музыки: Jonathan Coulton
Авторы текста: Jonathan Coulton
Gamblers Prayer
Jonathan Coulton
I found this on the Jonathan Coulton Wikisite. Please dont sue.

Instrumental Guitar lick*
A  E  A  E

--0x  Repeat

Lord hear my prayer
Look down on me
D                     A
I'm not as wealthy as I used to be
     Bm                   F#m
It's not even ten and I'm busted again
D                       E
Why does this happen to me?
Give me a sign
Show me you care
D                              A
A straight to the Ace Lord, or even a pair
        Bm                     F#m
I can't make it alone and I'll sink like a stone
       D                      E
Unless you can undo what I've done

   D                       A
So Lord lift me up in your tender embrace
D                         A
Lend me your wisdom, your strength and your grace
D          Adim     A          Abdim F#m
Help me to smash my opponent's fat   face
        D            E             A   E
Oh Lord help me take money from my friends

A E Eaug

Deep down I know
That it's only a game
    D                      A
But I want them shaking in terror and shame
It's just poker and beer
Still I need them to fear me Lord
D                       E
It's not enough just to win

D                           A
Deal me good cards and I'll handle the math
D                            A
We'll take their money while they take a bath
     D            Adim(x01212)    A         Abdim F#m
I'll show them my hand and you'll show them your  wrath
        D            E             A   E   
Oh Lord help me take money from my friends

F#m                 C#aug (x4322x)***
And I don't want to cheat them
A                       B7
Because I know that's a sin

(fingerpick on D string: 2,3)

F#m              C#aug
I just want to defeat them
            A           B7
And make it hurt when I win
        D           E     Eaug
Make it hurt when I win...

So poke them with sticks
And crush them with stones
D                          A
Chew them up good Lord and spit out their bones
     Bm                     F#m
Make my riches grow and let those bitches know
         D                       E
That you hate them and love only me
D                      A
Burn it all down until nothing survives
D                        A
Make them regret for the rest of their lives
    D             Adim      A        Abdim F#m
The day that they bet their dogs and their wives
        D            E
Oh Lord help me take money from
D            E
Help me take money from
D            E             A    E   A   
Help me take money from my friends

Adim   x01212
Abdim  4x343x
C#aug  x4322x
Eaug   x3211x

* Strum, pick, pick, strum. Play the lick again on 'friends' where A and E repeat. 
do not lick your guitar)
** In order to not lose your mind playing the A Abdim F#m chords in rapid succession, 
a higher inversion of A, like 577655 (E major barred on 5)
*** C# aug ~= F aug ~= A aug.
Добавлено: 04.06.2012
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